About Us
Our coconut pipes that we are launching to cater herb tourists, party favors, concerts, events, promotional items and on-the-go/discrete smokers who have lower herb tolerance or want to conserve herb with one-hitter devices.  They are great products with quality aesthetics at an amazing price point. Our products hand made from compostable and recyclable materials and can be easily disposed of if crossing state lines or when within a paraphernalia restricted state.
USD420 pipes are handmade from 100% natural coconut with stainless steel fittings.
Our pipes provide your customers with the following advantages:
  •          Travelers…airport security, souvenirs.  Functional with quality esthetics at an amazing price point
  •          Public Places…discrete, concealable, portable for on-the-go smokers
  •          Home Smoking…cheaper than rolling papers or traditional pipes
  •          Party Favors…unique and cool product
  •          Dispensaries and herb related companies…private label promotional/marketing with pre-packed herb
  •          All Smokers…smoke smaller amount, lower tolerance and conserve herb
USD420 pipes make a great gift to your customers.  However, if you are still not sure, we also offer to private labeling as an innovative and creative promotional gift by itself or so that you can pre-pack herb for marketing and sampling purposes.